Get Snipped

Balls. Danglers. Nuts.

The boys, ‘nads, huevos, or the family jewels. Whatever you call’em, the thought of anyone coming near them with a pointy/fire-y object is enough to make a good man cry. Whether you’re done having kids or you’re embracing the childfree lifestyle, we have some stories, tips, and suggestions to help take the sting out of your sac.

Man up – you’re doing a good thing.

It takes balls to join this club, but it’s not hard 

Real Stories from Real Dudes

What to expect from a vasectomy

What to expect from a vasectomy

You’ve made the decision to put an end to your seed. Next step: vasectomy-town. The word itself causes many men to wince and hunch over in discomfort. It makes sense because all our life, we have been trained to safeguard the “family jewels” at all costs. But once you...

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You don’t have to fill it

You don’t have to fill it

At the age of 50 my wife and I were starting to take some risks with unprotected sex so we decided that I was for the snip. A visit to the GP and the necessary referral was made. As it was being done free under the National Health Service, there was a wait of almost a...

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Does a vasectomy make me less of a man?

uh, no.


Does a vasectomy hurt?

Notgonnalie: you’ll probably feel a bit of discomfort during the procedure. I mean, the doc is going to take a sharp instrument or a laser to a fairly sensitive part of your body, so yeah, it’s gonna sting a bit, but it’s a helluva lot less painful than having another child…

Check out these stories from real men who survived their snip:

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What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a simple procedure where a urologist will sever, staple, cauterize, or otherwise block the vas deferens – the tubes that sperm uses to travel from your testicles to your penis and beyond. The medical answer is much more precise, but basically you’re preventing the sperm from leaving your body.

The Benefits of a Vasectomy

Birth-Control, Smirth-Control

No more messy rubbers, forgotten pills, painful IUDs, and if your pull-out game is weak, it won’t matter.

(assuming you’re in a monogamous relationship – if you have multiple partners, be smart and protect yourself and them)

Save money

Kids are expensive, and yeah, they bring immeasurable joy and will pick out your nursing home, but damn they burn a hole through a man’s wallet.

No surgery for her

A tubal ligation is a heckuva lot more complicated than a vasectomy. Be a man and get a quick snip followed by a day or two of sitting on the couch with a bag of frozen peas instead of making her undergo major surgery.

No more missed periods

Two words that strike fear into the heart of most men (and many women): “I’m late.”

Get snipped and be confident that Aunt Flo will arrive on time’ish each and every month.