CdnCyclist’s vasectomy story

So my vasectomy was a redundancy, a backup plan. My wife already had a tubal six months earlier but we have seven kids and were quite certain we were done.

There was a three-month wait for a consult and a two-month wait for the procedure at the hospital, and I was told to expect swelling and tenderness, to wear snug undies…I thought I was all prepped. I showed up at the hospital early on a Friday.

Actual procedure went down like this:

Slather on disinfectant – cool but not so horrible, like a cold bath.

Three needles to right side – dang that stings! But it’s the freezing right!?

Then the snip – holy cow that hurts like hell!!! Son of a #$%#! Nurse just tells me to breathe so I figure it’s supposed to hurt like this and keep going. Switch to second side, same ordeal. I feel everything but the snip on the outer skin. Why the hell bother with freezing if all it does is the skin?

So thanks to Reddit I find out the freezing didn’t actually take and it wasn’t supposed to hurt that much. Good to know now that I’m traumatized.

Post recovery seems to be the only plus. I can work and carry heavy objects with no pain only four days later. Swelled up only 20% or so, and the right side went almost completely purple. I felt like I was bowlegged, but overall I could still do my job.

All that’s left is to wait for testing time to see if it worked, and for a bit of swelling to go down.

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