A vasectomy story from KB:

I am currently sitting on the couch watching Ferdinand with my two kids, and this is the most movement I’ve had since Friday. Today is Sunday.

Day Zero – D-Day – I went in nervous with my wife by my side. The nurse called me back and I never even turned to say goodbye or give her a quick kiss (editors note – pretty sure he means his wife. He probably wasn’t thinking about kissing the nurse). My nerves got the best of me and I wandered to the last room on the right. They told me to take off my pants and put on a hospital gown. I then laid down and they administered an IV. I chose to be knocked out for the procedure, which I highly recommend. Once the IV was in, the doc came in and asked if I was backing out, to which I replied “I have two girls doc. This is my destiny.” He left and the nurses took my vitals. Following that, it was off to the operating room. Once in, the anesthesiologist asked me a few questions and three nurses and the doctor came in the room. Next thing I know, I wake up and my scrotum is bandaged and I’m asked how I feel, to which I replied “my balls are sore and I’m groggy. I feel like I had a bad Saturday night.” My wife came in the room and helped me get dressed. We then walked to the car. The ride home was rough thanks to NYC pot holes™. At home I ordered a massive pile of Chinese food and fell asleep on the couch for basically the rest of the night.

Day One – not a lot of pain, just pressure and the sensation of being kicked in the nuts really hard. Still using peas to ice down the gentleman and applying triple antibiotic often so I don’t get infected. I laid around all day and slept. I believe the anesthesia was still affecting me. Very little pain just a hair uncomfortable.

Day Two – woke  up with little-to-no pain, and just a little pressure. It feels weird to walk, but that’s just me being cautious. I’m nervous about going back to work tomorrow, but I know I’ll be fine.

Now that I’m at the 40-hour post-op period I can say the recovery is not awful. Just take it easy and plan on laying around.



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