What to expect from a vasectomy

You’ve made the decision to put an end to your seed. Next step: vasectomy-town. The word itself causes many men to wince and hunch over in discomfort. It makes sense because all our life, we have been trained to safeguard the “family jewels” at all costs. But once you finally make the decision, there are going to be hundreds of questions that will roam around your head. 


Vasectomy is one of the most straightforward procedures you would come across in your life. The procedure is fairly simple and can take up to 20 minutes, and you can go home right after. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can run a marathon after exiting the hospital, but you get the idea. You will need a few days of rest to recover and return to being yourself in no time. The only thing missing from your life would be two spaghetti-looking tubes, and they’re not even missing – they’re just snipped and fused, or maybe you have some pretty little titanium staples. You’re still you – just, no baby-makers. 


You are perhaps afraid of how much it will hurt when they snip your tubes. For most men, not much. Your doctor will see through the process and make it comfortable for you. You’ll  feel a little uncomfortable while receiving the local anesthesia or when the vas deferens are being handled, but overall, it is not something you can’t handle. You’re a man and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?


When you go home after your vasectomy, you can have bruising or swelling in the operated region. But that is not something to worry about. Your doctor will advise you to wear comfortable underwear, take pain medications and avoid physical exercise for a week. Don’t take these pieces of advice lightly, as they can lead to complications or infection. Most men need 3-4 days of rest, so if you can,  take a week off from work.  


You have performed the procedure, and now you feel excited to test your new self in bed. But you are worried that your over-enthusiasm could ruin it all. The vasectomy will not work right away because there might still be sperms hiding in the vas deferens. You must ejaculate 15-20 times or wait for more than three months before all the sperm are cleared from the reproductive tract. (1)


No, your sex life will not be affected by the vasectomy. Instead, it can turn out to be better since you never have to worry about making your partner pregnant. There will be no change in your sex drive, and it will have a similar volume and consistency as you did previously. 


Vasectomy is 99.99% effective. Additionally, the procedure rarely comes with side effects. 

If you are sure you never want  to have another child, I suggest you go for it without a second thought. 


Check out the stories from other men who’ve been snipped, and be sure to share the Vasectomy Recovery Kit part of the site with your partner, so she can help you feel comfortable while you’re recuperating!