At the age of 50 my wife and I were starting to take some risks with unprotected sex so we decided that I was for the snip.

A visit to the GP and the necessary referral was made. As it was being done free under the National Health Service, there was a wait of almost a year for my name to come to the top of the list. They do all the NHS vasectomies in Northern Ireland in one hospital and they are all done on a Friday afternoon.

On the day I drove to the hospital (about a 45 minute drive), found the ward and was given a gown to change into before being wheeled in my bed to the theatre which was full of pretty young nurses. They got me sorted on the operating table and the surgeon arrived. Once the local had kicked in (stung like mad going in) I felt nothing. Both sides done I was back in the ward enjoying tea and toast in about 45 minutes. After a chat with another very pretty nurse about aftercare she gave me a sample jar and with her advice of ‘you don’t have to fill it’ given I was allowed to leave. Walked to the car, drove home and got the lawnmower out and cut the grass.

No pain at all though I did go a bit blue/green/purple a day or two later! Highly recommend the snip!!!

you don't have to fill it



You might be shooting blanks, but you've got perfect aim.

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