I’m on day 2 of recovery. Procedure was on Thursday. My Urologist is one of the best in town, that is why I chose him. He and his staff were just the very best folks I’ve had to deal with in any form of medical setting.

I’ve heard horror stories from friends and co-workers about how much of a pain in the ass it is to get snipped. The constant asking and reaffirming if this is a procedure you REALLY want done. Asking how many kids you have? Are you SURE you want to do this? Do you not want any more kids? etc.

I walk into my consult ready to shoot back some snarky replies to the barrage of questions I was expected to be asked. Alas, I was met with smiles and reassurance from the Dr. He just asked me how many kids I had and how old they were and he did a quick exam. He explained the procedure and told me I would be in and out within 20 minutes. He didn’t suggest a cup/athletic supporter, just said to get some tight-fitting underwear. “You don’t want them swinging around after this.”

Day of the procedure. Went in with my wife to be the driver post-snip (as recommended). The receptionist asked if I was nervous or if I had any questions. Nope, good to go!

Went to the procedure room and prepped myself. The doctor came in and also asked if I was nervous or had any questions before he began anything. I said, no and I was ready to go. I lied down and was ready.
He then prepped and talked with me throughout the procedure. He walked me through step by step on what he was doing and as weird as it sounds. It was very comforting. I have read plenty on how it is done and it was nice to be able to “walk through” it with the doctor.

There was little to no pain. The worst was a slight pain from pinching during the numbing but other than that. I was good. If anything, the worst part was the cauterizer. The smell of burned skin wasn’t great, but I’ve been burned many times and knew the smell well.

Once he was done, he reiterated the post-op instructions and sent me on my way. I walked out of the room and was met by his staff who gave me my prescription note, post-op instructions, specimen collection kit, and a pack of locally grown almonds with the send off of, “go home, relax, and enjoy your nuts!”

Swung by the pharmacy and got my Norco and Ibuprofen, got home, plopped myself on the recliner and packed myself with ice.
I have yet felt any real pain (1-2 on a 10 scale). It is more of a discomfort like a bruise. There was no discoloring or swelling in the past 3 days and don’t think at this point, there will be. I got one more day off and then it’s back to work on Monday. I’ll be mindful of my movements but should be good to go.

TL/DR: Choppy Choppy, Norco, ice, recliner, relax.