Everyone said don’t worry, you’ll be safe. Nothing bad can happen, it’s such a simple procedure. Man did I want to believe them, but I suppose that’s difficult when it’s your own balls that are going under the knife. Either way, I figured that, after watching my wife go through childbirth three times, that it’s the least that I could do in order to prevent her further suffering. I mean, I love my kids, but man we did not want any more. My wife’s a trooper for delivering those three, that’s for sure!

So I went under the knife and you’ve probably heard the procedure before so I’ll skip that part.

The nurse was lovely and the doctor was pretty neat as well. He made sure that I knew everything that was going to happen, including the dreaded “smell” that a lot of dudes talk about. The problem for me was the anaesthesia.

Now, I’d like to think of myself as a pretty tough guy. I go to the gym, I do everything I can to stay in shape so I can handle a bit of pain. But MAN that needle, when it went in, I instinctively kicked out and lamped the lovely female nurse. I felt so bad after and I spent the whole procedure apologising to her, which thankfully enough, took my mind of the surgery itself!

She’d worked on over 500 of these jobs and even she said that this had never happened to her before. So a lot of people can attest to the use of frozen peas after and if you’re thinking about going for the snip, you should seriously invest. If you can get a bumper pack, DO IT.

Seriously. Your balls will feel like Mike Tyson’s punching bag, and even though you may cringe at the idea of something so cold on your crown jewels, it works wonders and it can really help with the swelling.

The procedure went without a snip of bother.

Pun intended.