So I laid on the bed and there was this super-hot nurse helping me to get ready. This hot nurse gave me a nice warm, soapy bath and a thorough cleansing. Then, not to my own surprise, I got a boner. I said to her “so this must happen all the time!”

“No” she said.

“Most men are too nervous, this is the first time we’ve seen it happen”.

Oh dear.

The syringe of anaesthesia felt like a BIC pen being jabbed into the heart of my ball sack. Safe to say that my erection went away pretty quick though.

The nurse held a cloth over my waist so I couldn’t see what was happening with my balls, not that I wanted to, but you know.

I did see a stream of blood hit the doctor’s face however. I thought he’d cut his finger, because I legitimately didn’t feel a thing.

Turns out it wasn’t his blood.


The nurse came over and gave me a strong pat on the shoulder. I figured it was her job to comfort me as they sorted out whatever happened.

It felt as though there was a steel cable pulling from my intestines down to my balls, but listen to me when I say this, it didn’t really hurt. The doctor pulled out the tubing and asked if I wanted to see it.

I have a sick curiosity for things like that, so I said yeah.

It looked like macaroni.

So if you’re thinking about going for a vasectomy, one thing I will say is that you really do need to think about it and the consequences. Sure, you won’t be able to have kids naturally, but if you’re at that stage in your life and you want to do that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.