What is a Vasectomy Recovery Kit, and who is it for?

That’s an easy one – the VSR is a collection of toys and distractions to keep your man’s mind – and hands – off his recent incision. It can be created by a loving wife, best buddy, or knowing parent. Heck, you can even order your own kit to treat yourself.

Why create a Vasectomy Recovery Kit?

A vasectomy is one of the few things in life that only a man will undergo, and many of us choose to do this so our wives and partners don’t have to have the more invasive tubal ligation. The vasectomy is a relatively simple snip (ideally completed by a urologist…we don’t recommend the DIY methods), and for best results, your man should spend a few days resting and recuperating comfortably.

What goes in a Vasectomy Recovery Kit?

The best kits are filled with all of the things that make your man happy, so he can enjoy them without getting up from his comfy spot on the couch. You can fill it with tasty treats – black licorice, chocolate kisses, or mixed nuts (especially great if you’re trying to be funny), a Costco-sized bag of his favorite chips, and if the doc says it’s ok, a good selection of his favorite brews. You could get a new game and fresh batteries for his favorite console to keep him entertained for hours, a new book from his favorite author, the new CD from his favorite band or a blu-ray of his favorite movie, or whatever he likes to enjoy while holding down the couch.

Recovering from a vasectomy

The vasectomy recovery period is painful – it’s probably nothing like the pain of pregnancy, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park. His nuts are going to ache and throb, the swelling is going to make them even more uncomfortable, and the bruising is going to make him worry, even though he knows to expect it. By giving him a vasectomy recovery kit, you’re helping keep his mind off the pain and terror, and letting him just take a few days to enjoy himself. This is a – in most cases – once in a lifetime event, so your willingness to coddle him will be much appreciated for many years to come. Whatever you do, make it personal for your man so he can enjoy a day or two just for him.

If you have kids already, make plans for them to spend a day or two with family, outside of your home. Your dude probably won’t want a huge meal, but lots of tasty treats throughout the day will certainly be appreciated. You can plan to hang out with him – bingeing a Game of Thrones marathon or rewatching some of his favorite movies, or you can leave him be – some guys will plan their surgery so they can watch their team in the playoffs. Whatever you choose, it’s probably best that an adult be nearby in case he needs anything.

We’ve compiled this selection of idea starters for your own kit, but feel free to build on what we’ve got here. The doctor will have already prescribed the appropriate painkillers, and while some guys might skip the athletic supporters, nobody is going to want to go through this without some form of ice pack to keep the swelling down. Put a basket of love together and show him how grateful you are for taking one for the team. Even if you’ve got the biggest man-child in the world, he’ll appreciate the effort you put into making him comfortable.

Vasectomy Recovery Kit Gift Ideas